Minimalist Eating Guidelines that Keep You in it for the “Long-Haul”

chfitnessSuccess using any diet requires you to create an approach you can stick to for the long haul.  What good is it to lose stubborn weight only to see it seemingly magnetize back to you as soon as you return to your previous lifestyle?

It happens way too often, people jump on the latest trending diet without considering whether it’s something they can stick to as a lifestyle.

Why choose to adopt a diet that is so strict or limiting that once you’ve reached your goal, the first thing you do is revert back to your “comfort” ways? [Read more…]

What You Need to Know About Exercise and Hunger

post-workout-hunger-628x363Once you’ve begun your minimalist exercise training there are important things you need to be aware of that influence your hunger and eating habits.

Most individuals upon exercising will find that they are seeing an increase in hunger. This is common and does make sense since more energy, you is expended on a daily basis when you are doing these intense exercise sessions. [Read more…]

Green Smoothies Are Perfect Breakfast Solutions

green smoothieIf you are looking to maximize your fat burning, energy, muscle building, or simply your over-all well-being, eating properly to get your day off is vital and must be considered a priority.

You simply cannot expect your body to operate without a tank of gas (the energy from your foods) any more than your auto would drive without gas.

Let’s face it, today’s modern world demands a lot of us during the day…mostly mental (the physical we should be addressing also with a proper exercise routine) and if we are not fueling in the morning when our day officially begins, how can we expect that we will experience the “high energy” level that will be needed for hours to come? [Read more…]

Clean Eating is More Fun When You Spice It Up

herbs and spicesThere’s one thing certain about what and how you are eating now…it will be reflected in the condition of your body in the future.

Eating clean is important…vitally important if you want to experience health and vitality long into your senior years.

However many people believe eating clean is eating boring…but just because you are eating clean, healthy food doesn’t mean your food needs to be boring or bland. [Read more…]

Healthy Treats That Travel With You

eat healthyTwo of the most used and and abused excuses as to why people don’t stick with their diets is their claim that they are too busy or on the road too often to make any diet work.

Creative excuses…but excuses none the less. Truth is, even the busiest person can make a diet work if they have the right game plan in place, have set the right priorities and have the right mindset.

Granted it can be tougher for people who travel a lot to stick to certain ways of eating and certain foods because of the obvious obstacles. So, what’s a traveling person to do? [Read more…]

Minimalist Training Requires Maximum Nutrition

protein3Once you have a proper “minimalist program” in place, you’ll want to be certain you have the right nutrition lined up in order to support your training.

Even though minimalist training does not require hours at the gym each week, it will still be stressing your body and increase your demand for both calories and nutrients.

It’s important that in this over-load of information we receive daily that you do not try and complicate the nutrition process. We live in a society today where there is so much nutrition information that we are inundated with concepts and unfortunately much of the information out there is done with ulterior motives in mind.

What you eat does have a very powerful influence on your overall health state so it’s not something to take lightly. There are certain nutrients you need to be consuming each day to avoid being at risk for deficiencies that can cause bigger, major problems to occur. [Read more…]

Minimalist Training Your Road to Fast Effective Results

minimalist trainingFor the most effective use of your time and your energy, you should be focused on doing the minimum amount of training while getting the maximum benefits/results from it.

However, that doesn’t mean hitting the gym 6 days a week or more just because your perception, like most others is…”more is more” right?


The truth is, if you train right, you can see amazing results without having to put in 6-hour long work-outs ever again.

It’s called “minimalist exercise” and my “Minimalist Exercise Program” teaches you why less is more and what you need to be doing in order to create a workout that “counts” as actual fitness-improving exercise. [Read more…]