Healthy Treats That Travel With You

eat healthyTwo of the most used and and abused excuses as to why people don’t stick with their diets is their claim that they are too busy or on the road too often to make any diet work.

Creative excuses…but excuses none the less. Truth is, even the busiest person can make a diet work if they have the right game plan in place, have set the right priorities and have the right mindset.

Granted it can be tougher for people who travel a lot to stick to certain ways of eating and certain foods because of the obvious obstacles. So, what’s a traveling person to do?

If you’re a traveler and looking for ways that will help you to stick to your diet and workout plan even when you are not at home here’s a few helpful tips:

Pre-pack as often as possible: Obviously the more organized the better chance you will have of staying the course so it’s important to consider the idea of cooking all your meals for the day ahead of time…for example, when you first get up in the morning or even the night before.

Pack them up in a cooler and take them with you on the road and you’ll always have what you need.

Plan and organize your weekly meals ahead of time. What will your lunches for each day consist of? It’s easier to follow and carry out a game-plan when you have a game plan and grocery shopping can be condensed to once weekly with a list in front of you. No one wants to hit a busy grocery store in the evening after work. That’s a sure invitation to grabbing the quickest thing available…which is likely not the healthiest for you.

Keep a snack handy: You never know when you might get stuck somewhere for longer than expected because of some unplanned event. Protein bars (especially homemade ones) pop top canned tune, home prepared trail mix can all easily fill this need. You can even mix straight protein powder into a bowl of yogurt for a great healthy snack.

Take time to read the restaurant menu…especially the small print: Let’s face it if you travel consistently there is no way you can avoid restaurants all together. Whether you’re in a work meeting or sharing a friend’s birthday at a restaurant you are in danger of throwing your diet off…unless you are prepared. It takes practice but you can learn how to read restaurant menus and figure out which dishes are leaner ones and which ones have added fats, calories and sugar. Most restaurants are willing to work with you and make the few modifications you might need to create a meal that would work for you.

The advent of the Internet gives you even more advantages as you can Google all your restaurant choices and the menu’s they offer before leaving home helping you to make the wisest diet decision. And, never feel as though you must finish your meal. Stop eating when you feel full and box the rest up and take it with you. For the most part…especially in the U.S. restaurant proportion sizes are far too big to begin with.

All these steps are easy but require effort, planning and dedication on your part. However, it’s time well invested and the rewards you receive will be reflected in your health and in the mirror. It’s a good thing!

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