Quick Access is Key to Healthy Eating…

chfitness2Eating healthy is not all that hard. What is does require is “eating real food.”

What does that mean exactly?

It means to focus on satisfying your appetite and energy needs with foods that are in or very near to their natural state.

If Mother Nature provided the bees and the birds with a means to know when they are hungry and the banquet of choices to choose from don’t you think she would provide us the same thing?

Why is it that we struggle so much as humans to figure out what is a healthy diet…what it is that our bodies need?

Likely it’s because of all the confusion we’re presented with through the different media channels.

What we need to realize is that all that our body’s needs to grow and thrive have been provided by Mother Nature in one way or another. If we need to change up the flavor a bit to “spice up” our foods then Mother Nature has provided us an array of herbs and spices that provide endless choices for our imaginations to tap into.

Walking through the grocery store these days it’s not hard to see that most of what’s being offered there is “food-like substances”…but little precious real food.

So how do we avoid all the processed foods with all the extra additives and chemical preservatives without spending our lives in the kitchen? How do we move past the overly salty and overly sweet foods that manufacturers have conditioned our taste buds to seek?

Quick access is the key. When we are hungry we don’t often go way out of our way to satisfy it. We tend to grab the most convenient type of food available.

So, it’s important to prepare a head of time. Keep your fridge loaded with cleaned fresh veggies and fruits that are as easy and quick to grab as that processed food bar you used to eat. Keep a variety of nuts and seeds on hand to help boost your protein and fiber intake, manage your appetite and keep you feeling full longer.

And, most of all…keep ice-cream, Twinkies and what other favorite unhealthy treats out of the house, out of your fridge and most of all…out of your reach.

After all, if it’s not there to reach for it’s a whole lot easier to avoid.

You don’t have to spend a lifetime in the kitchen to eat healthy but you do need to embrace your kitchen…your fridge and your pantry and fill them with foods that nature provided for you…not the ones the manufacturers are pushing.

Be creative…keep a wide selection of herbs and spices handy and experiment with them. Try combining them in novel ways to create delicious healthy meals.

When you do visit the grocery store…stay away from the interior of the store as much as possible and stick to the perimeter. That’s where you’ll find the good stuff…the fresh produce, dairy, eggs and grass fed meats…all healthy for you.

Resist colorful packaging and long labels which only indicate that what you’re considering has been severely tampered with and is far from the original version that nature intended.

Resist the marketing…see it for what it is and listen to your body instead.

Your body knows what it needs…you just need to pay attention.

When it comes to maintaining body weight, what you EAT is more likely to affect whether you can attain your health and fitness ideals more than what you do in the gym.

For that reason I created “The Minimalist Exercise And Nutrition Program.”

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