The Importance Of Your “Indulgence Meal”…

indulgence meal2Among other things, indulgence means: satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, satiation and appeasement.

All those words sounds contrary to what you would expect to hear associated with dieting.

But, the truth is, eating something you truly enjoy and take pleasure in isn’t bad at all as long as it is done right. In fact, it is something you should allow yourself to do.

In diet circles, this indulgence in something you enjoy is often called a “cheat” meal. But a better and more complimentary term is “indulgence meal.”

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What Influences Your Daily Energy Intake?

chfitnessThere are many things that can influence your body’s intake of energy which in turn influences and reflects in your body weight. Making yourself aware of what influences hunger allows you to actively put into place the steps you need towards controlling it as best as possible.

Stress and anxiety: Stress and high anxiety levels can lead the strongest willed person to down a pint of ice cream to try and sooth over things. Eating when stressed results in a double whammy because your cortisol levels are high at that moment and cortisol is the hormone that encourages fat gain…especially around the middle. [Read more…]

Gluten and Wheat Free Superfood Buckwheat

buckwheatiesIn the search to replace traditional flour many people turn to flax meal (ground flax seeds). With the health benefits that flax seeds provide it seems a natural choice. However, breads that are heavy with flax can sometimes have a very strong over-powering flavor and be a tad bitter.

Buckwheat on the other hand, has a rather mild, nutty, rich flavor in comparison to flax meal breads. Using a mix of the two is a good solution because you’ll still get the benefits that both these super-foods provide.

Buckwheat is not a grain, it is a fruit seed or pseudograin in the same family as quinoa, wild rice and amaranth and the perfect choice for those on gluten or wheat free diets. [Read more…]

Exercise, Hormones and Happiness

exercise_carolynHansenWith the widespread lack of exercise we see today, it is not hard to notice the definite increase in depression affecting the population, especially women.

The truth is, close to 10 percent of the western world now depends upon mood-enhancement drugs. This once rare condition is now very common. [Read more…]

Bench Press Rewards us with Serious Upper Body Strength

bench pressAlong with the squat and the deadlift, the bench press is a basic foundation exercise that needs to be included in your routines. The bench press move targets nearly every muscle in the upper body except for the back. You’ll hit the shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps giving you a well-rounded work out.

The bench press is the perfect move for providing serious upper body strength. It is typically performed using a bench press machine with a barbell or if you prefer working out at home or an alternate strategy, it can also be done using just a set of dumbbells. [Read more…]

Hydrate Your Body With Water-Rich Foods

HYDRATING FOODSYour body cannot function properly without enough water and neither can mine. Our bodies are nearly 80% water and it is water that is used to transport oxygen, fat and glucose to your working muscles. It regulates body temperature, helps digest food and eliminate waste from our bodies.

A properly hydrated body is mandatory. It affects our mind, our mood, our memory and our learning. Thinking and reaction time are all affected by how hydrated our bodies are. [Read more…]

Key Factors in How Fast You Age

minimalist training1Aging takes place in the body over time. It is a complex process that involves a very wide number of our bodily systems.

Exercise is a critical component in the anti-aging war and no other exercise comes close to offering you the level of benefits to your overall health than resistance training…sometimes called strength training…does.

It’s important to understand that muscle mass tissue is highly involved with the immune system. If you lose muscle mass, you will see a decline in immune function. [Read more…]

Zest Your Food With Fragrant Herbs

herb garden1Food for most of us, eating is an experience for our senses. Our senses relay to us information about food before we take that first bit.

The trend towards eating clean or “clean eating” involves around fresh fruits and vegetables…in plenty. Most of these foods are tasty right from the garden but others appeal more to us after we’ve given them a little boost of flavor. And, the best way to boost flavor in foods without adding on fattening sauces and gravies is to use herbs and spices to change them up.

Even the clean foods we enjoy “as is” can be changed into a new and exciting “flavor” temptations just through the creative use of herbs and spices. [Read more…]

Minimalist Eating Guidelines that Keep You in it for the “Long-Haul”

chfitnessSuccess using any diet requires you to create an approach you can stick to for the long haul.  What good is it to lose stubborn weight only to see it seemingly magnetize back to you as soon as you return to your previous lifestyle?

It happens way too often, people jump on the latest trending diet without considering whether it’s something they can stick to as a lifestyle.

Why choose to adopt a diet that is so strict or limiting that once you’ve reached your goal, the first thing you do is revert back to your “comfort” ways? [Read more…]

What You Need to Know About Exercise and Hunger

post-workout-hunger-628x363Once you’ve begun your minimalist exercise training there are important things you need to be aware of that influence your hunger and eating habits.

Most individuals upon exercising will find that they are seeing an increase in hunger. This is common and does make sense since more energy, you is expended on a daily basis when you are doing these intense exercise sessions. [Read more…]