Pull-up Power

minimalist training1Minimalist training just like the name implies requires little of us when it comes to time. It does however return maximum benefit within that limited time.

The motto for minimalist training could read:

“Train hard, eat hard, rest hard.” Minimum training gives you optimal results in minimum time.

Minimalist training will keep you strong, healthy and fit and cost you the least amount of time doing it. There is no need to try and perfect a multitude of exercises every week.

Minimalist training uses compound, multi-joint exercises…meaning that the movements you perform in your workout session will be working multiple muscle groups at once. The more muscle fibers you engage at one time in a single movement the quicker you get in and out of your workout session.

Trying to do one exercise for each muscle group on its own makes your workout way too long and will likely be the quick road to defeat.

No exercise program…no matter how strenuous is going to overcome improper exercising. In fact, exercises that are performed incorrectly can actually negate any benefits you would otherwise receive from minimalist exercise so it’s imperative that the right exercises are performed and that they are performed correctly.

There are a handful of foundational exercises that burn a ton of calories and should be mandatory in your minimalist exercise program.

They return the best results and ultimate long-term success. These are based on exercises and movement patterns that are part of our everyday lives.

These exercises include:



Bench Press

Bent over row

Shoulder Press


Lunges, leg presses, step-ups and pull-downs are all part of minimalist training.

Today we’re going to look at one of the foundational exercises, the pull-up.

Unlike the bent-over row exercise that works the body on a horizontal plane, pull-ups works the back on a vertical plane of movement and are good complimentary exercises to the bent-over row.

The pull-up is a bodyweight exercise that hits the lat muscles, the rhomboids and the biceps as they work through to execute the moment pattern.

Performing a pull-up properly:

Grab a hold of a high bar, preferably so you are hanging off the ground.

Use an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder width apart and keeping the abs tight, slowly pull the body up towards the bar.

Pull up until you chin is above bar height, pause and then lower down again to complete the repetition.

Continue on until all repetitions are completed.

Use only pure muscle force to guide you upwards through the movement and make sure to avoid any kind of momentum to swing your body up. This will immediately hinder your efforts as well as the results that you could be seeing

Truth is, you can achieve maximum strength and muscular mass with a simple minimalist program that is built around 5-6 kick-ass exercises. You do not need to spend hours in the gym daily in order to get strong and muscular.

The pull-up is just one of a few foundation movements you should be utilizing with your minimalist training.

Many people today who exercise regularly are not getting anywhere near the degree of benefits from their actions that they could be getting. If you are one of those, my new “Minimalist Exercise and Nutrition” program can help.

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