Interval Training For Maximum Results

interval trainigThere’s another form of training that is remarkably similar to strength training in terms of the benefits you’ll receive both aesthetically and health related and that training is “Interval/Spring training”.

For those looking to burn fat while sleeping, this training helps to accomplish this along with minimalist training.

While minimalist training is the superior option compared to most other strength programs, this cardio protocol is also the superior option compared to most other cardio routines as well as keeping the minimalist idea:

  1. 1 Low time commitment
  2. 2 High Intensity
  3. 2 Maximum results

Interval/spring training has you working very hard for brief period of time and then adding in active rest periods between each working interval. By doing this, you push 110 percent during the work interval and then back off and allow for a rest period to occur where you recover so that you can push hard once again.

Training can be completed using any type of cardio training medium that allows you to reach top speed quickly. You could sprint uphill for example or cycle on a spinning bike. The important thing is that you can’t take too long to get to top speed otherwise your interval will be almost over by the time you do.

You can also choose to do interval/sprint training through the use of body-weight conditioning exercises. You could do a series of burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, lunge jumps and so on, which would help you to work multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate up.

If you choose to do burpees, this form of training should last for between 30-60 seconds with the shorter the interval being done the higher intensity being seen.


Pair this with an active rest interval of 60-120 seconds-so basically twice the length of the work interval.

You then repeat this set-up 5-10 times to form the complete work-out, starting with a 5-8 minute warm-up and finishing with a 5 minute cool-down.

Just adding this type of workout protocol into your workout routine once per week can bring about great gains in your fitness and health levels.

Remember, with minimalist training less is more and you can tailor it to fit your personal needs, goals preferences, lifestyle and recovery ability. If at any time you find that by doing these 3 sessions of minimalist training a week is too much then it’s time to cut back to two lifting sessions and one interval session every other week.

Be careful to avoid all intense activities before your strength training workouts and if you are including interval training or high energy exercise in addition then don’t do it on the day before or after your strength workouts.

And, although you’ve probably read it a dozen times, don’t forget to perform a warm-up before your workout starts and a cool-down when you’re finished. Finally, last but certainly not least, make sure you give yourself the appropriate time to rest…at least one full day off each week (some people need two so listen to your body) for complete recovery purposes…meaning nothing other than a leisurely walk should be done.

Are you tired of demanding eating plans and endless workout sessions producing minimal results? If so, then you need to switch your game from minimal results to “Minimalist Fitness Training” where you get maximum results with minimum time.

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