Proteins are a Diets Best Friend

protein power2Protein is an essential macro-nutrient and the best nutrient in response to immediate hunger control. Proteins take the longest to digest and metabolize which in turn helps to keep you feeling fuller longer and less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks. 

Protein helps to preserve lean muscle mass and keeps your metabolic rate healthy and strong. It works to slow the release of carbohydrates in the bloodstream preventing those dangerous spikes in blood sugar resulting in low energy and more fat cells.

A diet that is rich in lean and low-fat protein sources is a very effective way to slim down.

Protein also helps you to recover faster between your workout sessions.

This important macro nutrient is required for the building blocks for cells and tissues throughout the entire body. Every function of the body relies on protein. It is used for both building muscles and healing issues.

However, you can’t just grab any kind of protein, certain types of protein, those that are lean, low-fat proteins…are the best ones to reach for. They have the biggest impact on weight loss.

Body weight will also play a role in how much protein you actually need to feel satisfied and full. Heavier people will naturally need more protein than lighter ones. For the most part, for most individuals, 10 grams of protein per snack is plenty and about 25-40 grams per meal is sufficient.

You can get your protein from many different sources including but not limited to:

Lean steak (preferably grass-fed organic meats)

Fish and seafood (same goes for organic if possible)

Low-fat dairy (always a great source of protein, yogurt for example)

Chicken and turkey (organic, free-range if possible…and please stay away from breaded or fried chicken! Once again, 4-8 ounces is sufficient. You can easily cook up a sheet of healthy lean chicken breasts early in the week to enjoy in different ways throughout the week. Skinless chicken breasts are an extremely lean source of protein…so reach for them often.)

Whey protein powder (sometimes we need a little help getting our protein and whey protein powder is a good choice)

Other good sources of protein:

Variety of nuts and nut butters (change them up and try the different varieties that are out…or better yet, make your own. Just be aware of the calories consumed when choosing nuts)

Beans, lentils and dried peas


Not only is protein important in every meal you eat (there should be at least a palm size serving of protein with each meal consumed), but protein is equally important in your snacks. Try eating healthy nuts along with your fruit and vegetable choices when you snack. You’ll feel fuller longer and won’t be reaching for the next snack so soon.

Protein rich foods are integral to a healthy diet…just make sure to choose those low in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Healthy proteins maintain lean tissue, curb your appetite and burn fat for fuel. A total winning combination.

When it comes to maintaining your body weight, what you EAT is more likely to affect whether you can attain your health and fitness ideals more than what you do in the gym.

For that reason I created “The Minimalist Exercise And Nutrition Program.”

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