Exercise…the Key to Stimulate Growth and Repair of Cells

minimalist 7Whether we want to believe it or not, whether we accept it or not, doesn’t change the fact/truth that our bodies stay healthier, function better and last longer when they get proper muscle building and maintaining exercise.

Exercise is exactly what the body needs to stimulate “growth and repair” hormones whose job it is to keep us healthy and strong. The constant release of “youth” hormones doing its job of renewing cells and tissues is what prevents destructive chemicals relaying the message to your cells to decay, degenerate and die.

Without vigorous movement stimulating the muscular system such as strength training of some sort, you send the message to your body that strength is no longer needed and your body automatically obliges your wishes by switching to “shutdown” and degeneration mode.

Vigorous movement triggers the release of “human growth hormone”, a chemical messenger that ensures that instruction are given to old worn out cells and tissues to be repaired, rebuilt, replaced and renewed.

Each year as you become more and more sedentary, you place less and less stress on your muscle tissue which results in muscle mass and strength loss taking place. In general, from their 20’s on, people will begin to see a decrease of about ½ to 1 pound of muscle per year if it is not being utilized properly.

While this may not seem like much in the short-term, it ends up being about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass loss per decade. After age 50, the rate of muscle loss accelerates and doubles so by the time you reach your 60’s it can be rather terrifying.

The total muscle mass at this point could be as much as ½ or more of your total mass tissue which results in serious lost strength and functional fitness. Nursing homes are bulging with those that can no longer take care of themselves.

Many people don’t realize how intimately related healthy muscle mass is with a healthy immune system. You can’t have one without the other…when you lose muscle mass, you see a decline in your immune function.

However, after performing an intense session that kicks up your heart rate and gets you sweating, your circulation of antibodies and killer cells dramatically increases by as much as 50-300 percent after the session is over. That’s quite a sweet bonus don’t you think? It gives you an amazing edge to fight off infections and boost your immune system.

Truth is, the more muscle mass you have, the stronger you are and the better able you will be to defend yourself against age-related declines in functional performance.

Some of the symptoms of disuse that should be signals to get going because we are not being active enough are:

Weak, soft, flabby muscles

Over-weight or obesity

Excess belly fat

Constant fatigue

Lack of endurance

Chronic low back or joint pain

Intolerance to stress

Anxiety and depression

Poor circulation

Increased blood pressure

Blood fat levels

Elevated resting pulse rate

Signs of disease setting in

There are no shortcuts in life and your body will give you exactly what you are asking it to through the actions you perform daily.

If you are sedentary your message is one of “shut-down”…if you are actively challenging your muscles you are in “regeneration mode.”

Your choice.



  1. Hi I think your advice is great. I run a business. I go to curves 4x a week. I ride (horses) once a week. I have just completed a course and am now an NLP Practicioner and am currently studying . conversationl hypnonsis. I also speak german and french and listen to cd’s in the car to practice ‘ One has to use
    body and brain to stay alert and healthy. Congratulations on your work.

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